My Thought,My Thinking,My Wisdom~

" I know I'm young,but I'm Ambitious"

" Be Humble as You Will See The Future From The Past"

" Respect the people you see when u struggle to the TOP as you will see them again on the way down"

"Decision is a risk,understand it before making it"

"Life is not about how people observe and judge you,it is about
how you live your life"

"It's not about how we speak,it's how we get the job done"

"If you have a Dream,Dream on and achieve it,but,we can't just had it unless we Dream 1st"from Joan.

"Don't follow your Dream,chase them" by Gimson.

"A photographer is the one who produce a quality photo
as quality photo depends on the man behind the camera"

"Love your self before loving or want to be love by others"

"Photo represent me,the way I feel and the way I deliver my thought about the rotating world"

"When you are climbing the ladder to the top,there are people all over,observing you,
criticized you,but there is ONE Almighty Who will always keep an open eyes on us,pray to the ONE for a sweet success"

"Although forgive and forget our past might be a hard things for us,but sometimes if carry us forward to a better life"

" I saw you,I can feel you,but I can't own you,what should I do"

"Each of moment we glance through is a path and from it we learn and keep on learning and learning,and it shall never end"

" Professional is a etiquette that we get our job done by hook or by crook and in a perfect manner and not as our equipment that meant to reflect us!"

"Life is a FIGHTt,ain't no body gonna fight for it BUT your self!"

"Love the Heart who Love you but never Hate the Heart who Hurt you"

" If you don't try harder,things just don't get better"

"There is Pride deep in us,but let no arrogance across us"

"Respect need to be earn and it is an Honor"

" Nothing is Impossible,Dream of It,Live In It,Just Do It "

" If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. " by Mui mui Amanda

" Photo,a priceless piece of memories."

" I can't Change How the WORLD look,but I can Change How The WORLD look at M3 =o" '30.1.2009'

" Life is a playground of endless possibilities,be optimist! "
9_2_2009 2.12am

" Everyone is beautiful in their own way,appreciate them "

" Thinking ahead make you forget the past
thinking the past make you appreciate the present "

" We can't shoot two birds in one shot! But We can always make a perfect aim for one " 28_2_2008

"Result will only show it self when we work hard enough to achieve it" 28_05_2009

Dare TO Fail in order TO Achieve something out of ordinary. 28_05_2009

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy B'day Malaysia! [52]

happy 52th b'day Malaysia!
hope Malaysian stay united always and for ever,
for a better and develop Malaysia !

Malaysia boleh!
Malaysia boleh!
Malaysia boleh!

DC { ceo} Crew



DJ VelocitY
Dc Crew CEO

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No-Thing Much

Holidays,that I had always looking forward to,
seems that it's just dull and dead this time,
all is busy,all have things to deal with,undone business to settle...

Left me in a very,pretty much lifeless situation,
no yamcha,no badminton,no movie,the worst,no PARTAY!

Looks like it all happened that you all had found the shoes that fit all of you just right!
I felt superb and happy for all of you.

Time determined to set us all apart from each other with a point to prove,hope to see all of you in future with pride and your head held high,buddy.


DC Crew

Monday, August 24, 2009

I want THIS!

Give me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fasting Month!

happy fasting month for Muslims all around the world!

Puasa,jangan tak puasa tau,dosa!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

seventh lunar month

The Hungry Ghost Festival

Today mark the 1st day of the seventh lunar month~
I don't wanna say much,
anyone who is riding and driving,
be extra careful!

care for your life!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Full House

After playing Friendster from Aug 2006,finally my friendster is at it full capacity,mean no more space for newer friends.

Below are some picture of my friendster.


bye bye fs =]

panda bb pah pah neh~ =p
dun pah pah ya =]

CEO of'
DC Crew

My Life is always a RACE!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

@nother random

Just another ordinary day with a smile on her face~ =]

Sunday, August 09, 2009

what the H*LL!



It's Time

I told my self too many [many-many] time to change my self,
Most of the time I made fail attempt to do so!

WHY! (no idea. At all!)

Looks like i really,or must do so,
I dun wanna loose the chance that already I front of my eyes!

"i see it coming and yet cant do anything about it" , i seems to hate this quote already!

Time for a real transformation,no more those stupid excuse,anymore!

I know it,I want it,I'm gonna get it!

Cant just wait for it to happened,I have o make it happened!

I must and will!


Thursday, August 06, 2009


DC Crew shirt is done!
Pick up by me = tomorrow 7th of august.
Pick up by members = To be decided on a later date.

p/s: sorry 2 all members for the delay! =]

have a nice day peeps!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Here We Go @gain~

Tomorrow,is tuesday,any special occasion for tomorrow?

Erm,oh well,Tomorrow is schooling la,
4th of August~
Sienx nia wanna go school,after the cuti sempena H1N1~

Ops.... bed is calling d,time for dream land,
hope it rain later! =]

Nite everyone!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ops... someone tag me!

ABC'sShareRULES : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to copy-paste this note, and answer all the questions. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged - including the person who tagged you.

ABC About You


A - Available : erm,apparently yes.
B - BIRTHDAY : 23 10 every year [erm,my present ?]
C - CRUSHING ON : well u know~
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD : plain water
F - FAVORITE SONG : Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing
I - IN LOVE WITH : erm,u wanna know?
J - JUGGLE : No Idea!
K - KILLED SOMEONE : apparently something instead!
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE : terengganu [forget how long d]
M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR : anything that taste superb~
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST : phone call?
Q - Apparently...there isn't a Q,: swt~ =.='
R - REASON TO SMILE : it just come,a joke maybe?
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD : My December Linkin Park
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP : 10 something~
V - VEGETABLE(S) : tomato considered?
W - WORST HABIT : procrastination
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD : yeah,last year,august the 16th and a few time later on
Y – YOYOS ARE : well,not into it!
Z - ZODIAC SIGN : Scorpio!

16 people you want to tag (including the person who tagged you):

~Aaron San
~Amanda lil Sis
~CPW sis
~Dinesh [reader]
~Gimson The Bro
~Grace [CPO]
~Ivan [CoO]
~Joan Joyee The Sis
~Jo Ann
~Kar Wai San
~Mr Aura aka. Wei Jin
~Pam Chi Yong
~Randyxxx [CFO]
~Sher Li

who ever had been tag,pls ans and repost this! =]


Things that has pass are ment to be forgotten,Things that come in the future are ment to be experience!