My Thought,My Thinking,My Wisdom~

" I know I'm young,but I'm Ambitious"

" Be Humble as You Will See The Future From The Past"

" Respect the people you see when u struggle to the TOP as you will see them again on the way down"

"Decision is a risk,understand it before making it"

"Life is not about how people observe and judge you,it is about
how you live your life"

"It's not about how we speak,it's how we get the job done"

"If you have a Dream,Dream on and achieve it,but,we can't just had it unless we Dream 1st"from Joan.

"Don't follow your Dream,chase them" by Gimson.

"A photographer is the one who produce a quality photo
as quality photo depends on the man behind the camera"

"Love your self before loving or want to be love by others"

"Photo represent me,the way I feel and the way I deliver my thought about the rotating world"

"When you are climbing the ladder to the top,there are people all over,observing you,
criticized you,but there is ONE Almighty Who will always keep an open eyes on us,pray to the ONE for a sweet success"

"Although forgive and forget our past might be a hard things for us,but sometimes if carry us forward to a better life"

" I saw you,I can feel you,but I can't own you,what should I do"

"Each of moment we glance through is a path and from it we learn and keep on learning and learning,and it shall never end"

" Professional is a etiquette that we get our job done by hook or by crook and in a perfect manner and not as our equipment that meant to reflect us!"

"Life is a FIGHTt,ain't no body gonna fight for it BUT your self!"

"Love the Heart who Love you but never Hate the Heart who Hurt you"

" If you don't try harder,things just don't get better"

"There is Pride deep in us,but let no arrogance across us"

"Respect need to be earn and it is an Honor"

" Nothing is Impossible,Dream of It,Live In It,Just Do It "

" If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. " by Mui mui Amanda

" Photo,a priceless piece of memories."

" I can't Change How the WORLD look,but I can Change How The WORLD look at M3 =o" '30.1.2009'

" Life is a playground of endless possibilities,be optimist! "
9_2_2009 2.12am

" Everyone is beautiful in their own way,appreciate them "

" Thinking ahead make you forget the past
thinking the past make you appreciate the present "

" We can't shoot two birds in one shot! But We can always make a perfect aim for one " 28_2_2008

"Result will only show it self when we work hard enough to achieve it" 28_05_2009

Dare TO Fail in order TO Achieve something out of ordinary. 28_05_2009

Contact Me For Photographer Service [ Branson ]

  • 011-1533 1153


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random PosT


Mysterious... oftentimes, a loner. You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the rea...l you.

You’re usually expressive... Open about your emotions and most of the time willing to talk about it.

You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!

You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

You’re undoubtedly good-natured! Most of the time, people are confident to approach you because they know you will consider them.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Hate with ECON!

fark man,dis sub is gonna get me killed! damn it!
I'm had a bad feeling bout it,some more the teacher is not like teaching us in proper way,damn it,how am I going to score???

Feeling like stop F6,straight go for foundation course in mmu,should do so,way back!
really regret it!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Putting on A limit!

Schooling is just a matters of hours from now,no harm does,just a feeling of boredom and the soon to be tones of study to be done make me *will* go crazy thinking of it! *feeling like skipping school tomorrow* haha~

About the title,actually I have few limits that I need to start working on before it's too late. *I have a strange feeling while writing this,maybe it's too late,well,better than nothing,I better make my move on it!

The Limit's are
Anger management= I loose tamper damn easily,no matter big or small the things is,the temper just burst out and damn,I scare I will do *sohai things~ =[

Weight = M putting on weight lately,after the accident last year,I felt uneasy on my current weight,damn it,diet!

Time = darn,it's super duper bad,I didn't do any,any study at all during the holiday,which I rather on9 and lepak-ing with friends rather than being a book worm or more specifically,a NERD!

All the symptoms is killing,darn it,limit is a potion,I should a magic potion for my kind of sickness and self control or inner strength is all about it.

Alight,I'm gonna give in my best shot's on it!
Beat it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dream Car

I see it every that with a dream,hope and a vision to one day I OWN it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looks like My Type Of Phone

Nokia X6
Bringing you home soon.

Source >

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It so yesterday

It's yesterday,21st of September year 2009,went to DP watched movies and some games at the arcade,shopping for cloths and much more.

It's not the shopping nor movies I enjoy much,but the time with my friends I treasure much.

Although,most of us is busy with work and so on,but never fail to show up once plan,thank you for your time,friends.

Gambateh friends where every you are,never give up on your Dream.

Time maybe will change the way we look and think,I will pray it never change our friendship.


My true color is Orange!






Being on time
Unnecessary Routine
Lack of Money

At work you are bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured and satisfied in careers that allow you to have independence and freedom. You are a natural performer.

In love you seek a relationship with shared activities and interests. With your mate you like to explore new ways to energize the relationship. You need to be bold and thrive on physical contact. You enjoy giving extravagant gifts that bring obvious pleasure to your loved one.

In your childhood you have the most difficult time fitting into academic routine. You learned by doing and experiencing rather than by listening and reading. You needed physical involvement in the learning process and were motivated by your own natural competitive nature and sense of fun.

somehow I feel this quiz is quite true,fits in me. =]

Monday, September 21, 2009

I learned something today!

This article is about canine parvovirus type 2. For canine parvovirus type 1, see canine minute virus.
Canine parvovirus 2

Electron micrograph of canine parvovirus
Virus classification
Group: Group II (ssDNA)
Family: Parvoviridae
Genus: Parvovirus
Species: Canine parvovirus 2

Canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV2, colloquioally parvo) is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly infectious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. It has two distinct presentations, a cardiac and intestinal form. The common signs of the intestinal form are severe vomiting and severe haemmorhagic (bloody) diarrhea. The cardiac form causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies. Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization. Vaccines can prevent this infection, but mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases.

There are two types of canine parvovirus called canine minute virus (CPV1) and CPV2. CPV2 causes the most serious disease and affects domesticated dogs and wild canids. There are variants of CPV2 called CPV-2a, CPV-2b and CPV-2c. Types 2a and 2b are distinct from the original CPV type 2 in terms of virulence and their ability to infect and cause disease in cats too. CPV-2c is a newly identified variant similar to 2b. The viral protein of 2c contains one amino acid different from CPV-2b but it is believed this could be significant. 2c strains have been identified in parts of Europe, the Americas and in Asia. Emergence of this strain has led to claims of ineffective vaccination of dogs, however studies have shown that the existing CPV vaccines still provide adequate levels of protection against CPV type 2c.

Source from : wikipedia

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I tag you!

Rules: Once you've been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
Tagged by : My Self XD

1. last beverage - plain water
2. last phone call - Gimson de Bro
3. last text message - Gary
4. last song you listened to - The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script
5. last time you cried - few years ago?

6. dated someone twice = yes
7. been cheated on = quite a number of time
8. kissed someone & regretted it = not at all!
9. lost someone special = indeed...
10. been depressed = of course la,don't u?
11. been drunk and depressed = yes,drunk,mostly.

12. Sky blue
13. white
14. Black

15. Made a new friend - yup,lots of it and still counting.
16. Fallen out of love - erm,in?
17. Laughed until you cried - hell yeah!
18. Met someone who changed you - No one change me,no one!
19. Found out who your true friends were - i know who they are,and they are with me now,always and forever!
20. Found out someone was talking about you - yeah,I'm burning all over!
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list - nope!

22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life - I know 99% of my friends on FB!
24. Do you have any pets - fish,silver Arowana
25. Do you want to change your name - nah,i luv my name!
26. What did you do for your last birthday - ntg much,movie~
27. What time did you wake up today - 11 something
28. What were you doing at midnight last night - chatting on msn,play games,doin some works.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for - excitement after exams
30. Last time you saw your Mother - just a moment ago
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life - for them to be happier.
32. What are you listening to right now - The show by lenka.

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom - no,I listend to though~
34. What's getting on your nerves right now - nothing!
35. Most visited webpage - facebook,FS,blogger,news and,much more!
36. Where you want to be right now - bed,sleeping!
37. Nicknames - bran,ben,bt,xiang xiang,
bu-lank-son(given by makcik step) ~papa~
38. Relationship Status - Single mingle
39. Zodiac sign - Scorpio

41. Elementary? = SJKC Wen Hua
42. Middle school = SMKMA
43. Hair colour = black
44. Long or short = Spike,u think on your own bah!
46. Height = 178

47. Do you have a crush on someone - what do you think ?
48. What do you like aboNope - whats the ? ?.?'
50. Tattoos - Superb!
51. Righty or lefty - righty
52. First surgery - never
53. First piercing - Forget d

54. First best friend - in my childhood!
55. First kiss - *secret
56. First vacation - don't remember
57. First crush - wow,long3 time ago -___-

59. Eating - ate,Char Sao Fan! haha...
60. Drinking - none
61. I'm about to - erm...
62. Listening to - When You Believe by Mariah Carey
63. Waiting for - lolz~ Zzz

64. Want kids? - sure !
65. Get married - yeah
66. Career - Business man.

67. Lips or eyes -eyes
68. Hugs or kisses -both
69. Shorter or taller - Taller
70. Older or Younger - younger
71. Romantic or spontaneous - both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms - both
73. Sensitive or loud - erm,loud?
74. Hook-up or relationship - relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant - hesitant

76. Kissed a stranger - nope
77. Drank hard liquor - yez!
78. Lost glasses/contacts - contacts
79. Sex on first date - erm...
80. Broken someone's heart - broken much more then broking others
81. Had your own heart broken - broken unhealed
82. Been arrested - lol,no,too bad to be arrested
83. Turned someone down - hmm,when the idea just suck,sory.
84. Cried when someone died - yes...
85. Fallen for a friend? - fall and wounded!

86. Yourself = yes I do!
87. Miracles = hope for,wish it's true
88. Love at first sight = a u kidding me?
89. Heaven = yeah
90. Santa Claus = No
91. Kiss on the first date = y not?
92. Angels = Devil

93. Had more than one bf/gf? - yes
95. Did you sing today? - yes,MJ songs!
96. Ever cheated on somebody? = haha,just on some stupiak stuff!
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why? - go back to future where I can redo stuff and make it perfect!
98. Are you afraid of falling in love with somebody else? - part of life,so,NO!
100. Posting this as 100 truths? - lol,what do you expect m doin it for?

25 ppl to be TAG
~ *bb*
~ Joan
~ Ivan
~ Randy
~ Grace
~ Gimson
~ Aaron
~ Carine
~ Yuki_Sher li
~ Joselynn
~ Jo Ann
~ Caihong Lummie
~ Fui Lu
~ Aura
~ Adibah
~ Kenny
~ Dinesh
~ Kar Wai
~ Amanda
~ Sammual
~ Oxy Gal
~ pei woon
~ Skyline gan
~ Bebe siang

Eid ul-Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr

To every Muslim's all around the world,!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Eid ul-Fitr setahun sekali,
ketupat lemang satu lori,
pepsi sarsi satu tangki,
I bikin silap I veli soli,
maaf zahir dan batin,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

Ketupat rendang lemang sebatang
dodol sekawah kuih sekati
kalau Sudi hati budi
belanjalah makan kat umah nanti!


*just my random joke~


This I promise!

haha,vic,that day i will drink as I promise u today!

Partay to the max!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

update on the list !

I had done pretty much most of thinks on my wish list.
Some of it's on the way,some of the others have to be in the keep in view list.... =[

1st ~ license
[ done ]

2nd ~ Buying new D-SLR
[aiming for pro series camera ] [ on the way ]

3rd ~ lens for the FX camera [ T_T' mahal ]
[ on the way ]

4th ~ old cellphone [ collection shelf? ]
[done ]

5th ~ High end cell phone
[ currently,my so called high-end phone is outdate! ] [ on the way ]

6th ~ new watch [
ellesse ] [ on the way ]

7th ~ Levi's Jeans [ on the way ]

8th ~ Zero X sun glasses [ on the way ]

9th ~ Pair of Adidas Shoes [ going for Nike =] ]
[ on the way ]

10th ~ A Polo T's With Country Flag

11th ~ second Degree In Taekwon-Do

12th ~ Upgrade my self to be a better person~
[some how I'm now =) ]

13th ~ Upgrade my Skill in Photography and video-graphy. [always in progress]

14th ~ Always be punctual for any occasion [ yeah ]

15th ~ Continue study [ Form 6th ]

16th ~ Get into shape! [ In progress ]

17th ~ Save Up More Money to buy stuff mentioned! [ In progress ]

18th ~ Love? [ I'm loving my self before learning to love others ^.^ ]

* new on the list

19th ~ Wishing for Yamaha 135 LC [ wishing ]

20th ~ New Laptop [ wishing for I Mac ]

make money,
say me money face
somehow I feel I'm now =p


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday a holiday for all schools

All schools will be given a special holiday on Friday, Sept 18 in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, which is expected to fall on either Sunday or next Monday.

Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Cabinet made the decision to enable parents to make plans for their families to travel earlier to their hometowns and avoid traffic jams.

“This decision covers all schools and educational institutions under the Education Ministry,” he said in a statement.

Muhyiddin who is also the deputy prime minister, said the decision meant the ministry’s earlier circular on additional holidays for Hari Raya Aidilfitri was revoked.

Cuti Raya babeh!
1 Malaysia!

Phobia of Popiah

Achluophobia Fear of darkness.
Acousticophobia Fear of noise.
Acrophobia Fear of heights.
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded places.
Ailurophobia Fear of cats.
Alektorophobia Fear of chickens.
Alliumphobia Fear of garlic.
Allodoxaphobia Fear of opinions.
Altophobia Fear of heights.
Amaxophobia Fear of riding in a car.
Ambulophobia Fear of walking.
Ancraophobia or Anemophobia Fear of wind.
Androphobia Fear of men.
Anglophobia Fear of England, English culture, etc.
Anthrophobia Fear of flowers.
Antlophobia Fear of floods.
Anuptaphobia Fear of staying single.
Apeirophobia Fear of infinity.
Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touched.
Apiphobia Fear of bees.
Apotemnophobia Fear of persons with amputations. Arachnephobia/Arachnophobia Fear of spiders.
Arithmophobia Fear of numbers.
Arrhenphobia Fear of men. Arsonphobia Fear of fire.
Astraphobia/Astrapophobia Fear of thunder and lightning.
Astrophobia Fear of stars/space.
Ataxophobia Fear of disorder or untidiness.
Atelophobia Fear of imperfection.
Athazagoraphobia Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.
Atychiphobia Fear of failure.
Aurophobia Fear of gold.
Automatonophobia Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues
Automysophobia Fear of being dirty.
Autophobia Fear of being alone or of oneself.
Aviophobia/Aviatophobia Fear of flying.

Bacillophobia Fear of microbes.
Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteria.
Bathmophobia Fear of stairs or steep slopes.
Batophobia Fear of heights.
Batrachophobia Fear of amphibians (like frogs)
Belonephobia Fear of pins and needles.
Bibliophobia Fear of books.
Botanophobia Fear of plants.
Brontophobia Fear of thunder and lightning.

Cacophobia Fear of ugliness.
Cainophobia/Cainotophobia Fear of newness, novelty.
Caligynephobia Fear of beautiful women.
Carnophobia Fear of meat.
Catagelophobia Fear of being ridiculed.
Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrors.
Cenophobia / Centophobia Fear of new things or ideas.
Ceraunophobia Fear of thunder.
Chaetophobia Fear of hair.
Chionophobia Fear of snow.
Chiraptophobia Fear of being touched.
Chirophobia Fear of hands.
Chorophobia Fear of dancing.
Chrometophobia/Chrematophobia Fear of money.
Chromophobia/Chromatophobia Fear of colors.
Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocks.
Cibophobia/Sitophobia/Sitiophobia Fear of food.
Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces.
Climacophobia Fear of stairs.
Clinophobia Fear of going to bed.
Coimetrophobia Fear of cemeteries.
Coulrophobia Fear of clowns.
Cyberphobia Fear of computers.
Cyclophobia Fear of bicycles.
Cymophobia Fear of waves.
Cynophobia Fear of dogs.

Demophobia Fear of crowds.
Dendrophobia Fear of trees.
Dentophobia Fear of dentists.
Didaskaleinophobia Fear of going to school.
Dipsophobia Fear of drinking.
Dishabiliophobia Fear of undressing in front of someone.
Dromophobia Fear of crossing streets.

Eisoptrophobia Fear of mirrors.
Elurophobia Fear of cats.
Emetophobia Fear of vomiting.
Entomophobia Fear of insects.
Ephebiphobia Fear of teenagers.
Epistaxiophobia Fear of nosebleeds.
Equinophobia Fear of horses.
Ergophobia Fear of work.

Felinophobia Fear of cats.

Gamophobia Fear of marriage.
Geliophobia Fear of laughter.
Genophobia Fear of sex.
Gephyrophobia, Gephydrophobia, or Gephysrophobia Fear of crossing bridges.
Gerascophobia Fear of growing old.
Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak. Gynephobia/Gynophobia Fear of women.

Haphephobia/Haptephobia Fear of being touched.
Harpaxophobia Fear of being robbed.
Heliophobia Fear of the sun.
Hemophobia/Hemaphobia/Hematophobia Fear of blood.
Hierophobia Fear of priests or sacred things.
Hominophobia Fear of men.
Hylophobia Fear of forests.

Iatrophobia Fear of doctors.
Ichthyophobia Fear of fish.

Judeophobia Fear of Jews.

Keraunophobia Fear of thunder and lightning.
Kymophobia Fear of waves.

Lachanophobia Fear of vegetables.
Ligyrophobia Fear of loud noises.
Limnophobia Fear of lakes.
Liticaphobia Fear of lawsuits.
Lockiophobia Fear of childbirth.
Logizomechanophobia Fear of computers.
Logophobia Fear of words.
Lygophobia Fear of darkness.

Macrophobia Fear of long waits.
Mageirocophobia Fear of cooking.
Maieusiophobia Fear of childbirth.
Megalophobia Fear of large things.
Melissophobia Fear of bees.
Methyphobia Fear of alcohol.
Microphobia Fear of small things.
Misophobia Fear of being contaminated with dirt/germs.
Monophobia Fear of solitude or being alone.
Motorphobia Fear of automobiles.
Musophobia/Murophobia Fear of mice.

Necrophobia Fear of death / dead things.
Neophobia Fear of anything new.
Nosocomephobia Fear of hospitals.
Numerophobia Fear of numbers.

Ochlophobia Fear of crowds or mobs.
Ophidiophobia Fear of snakes.
Ophthalmophobia Fear of being stared at.
Ornithophobia Fear of birds.

Pedophobia Fear of children.
Peladophobia Fear of bald people.
Phasmophobia Fear of ghosts.
Placophobia Fear of tombstones.
Plutophobia Fear of wealth.
Pogonophobia Fear of beards.
Potamophobia Fear of rivers or running water.
Pteronophobia Fear of being tickled by feathers.
Pupaphobia fear of puppets.
Pyrophobia Fear of fire.

Rhytiphobia Fear of getting wrinkles.
Rupophobia Fear of dirt.

Scolionophobia Fear of school.
Selachophobia Fear of sharks.
Sesquipedalophobia Fear of long words.

Tachophobia Fear of speed.
Technophobia Fear of technology.
Telephonophobia Fear of telephones.
Testophobia Fear of taking tests.
Theophobia Fear of gods or religion.
Trypanophobia Fear of injections.

Venustraphobia Fear of beautiful women.
Verbophobia Fear of words.
Verminophobia Fear of germs.
Vestiphobia Fear of clothing.

Xenoglossophobia Fear of foreign languages.

Zoophobia Fear of animals

Source of Popiah-ness

Smile is a medicine of life.
Say me ego,well I'm,if u never try to know me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Net

was laughing my ass out of it!
Shuffle la Malaysia! =]

R.I.P To Rookie
[Coo Beloved dog ]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something Bout The Date of Mine =]

Branson Tee, birthday date : 23
Your Life

You never live your life in the way others want you to. You are an independent individual w
ho loves challenges and excitement. You are ready to face with the result of your decision. You are usually the one your friends count on.

Your Love

Because you love excitements, you occasionally get involved in forbidden love affairs. You may fall in love with a married person and no one can stop you from making progress. You are very charming, although you might not realize it.

With a birthday on the 23rd of the month you are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them. You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas. You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel. You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable. Your mind is quick, clever and analytical. A restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine. You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility. Very sociable, you make friends easily and you are an excellent traveling companion.

Shakespeare, Karl Marx, Neil Armstrong, Eisenhower and Albert Einstein were born under the number 5.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Just A Figure of Numbers


Just a number,in special order!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I need some air to breath.

had been a starting of a hectic weeks and I have a thought,feeling that it's gonna be dragged quite sometimes ahead!

Had been lazy to study and yet trying to pressure my self to study and study and study,I wanna strive for the best for the final,2 A's is not enough,as I'm being in the same class of straight A's students aka
the brainy!,the competition heat is feel,felt and burning hot. If I'm not doing something to really deal with this matter,I wont be scoring 4 A's Flat!

Okay,enough with the crap's...
I'm tired of all bullshits!
that occur.
not trying be good nor not knowing how to be one,
I just want to be the way I'm,
I can quote that,but,within the chocking atmosphere,I seriously doubt my own abilities!

I'm heading to the comfy bed,gonna have some quality sleeping before wake up with some studies,hope it work just fine.

Good Night.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I have a question to ask

I have a question to ask and I wish to who ever who respond to be honest =]


A simple three words,and yet it's hard to say.

If it were you who need to say it,I wanna know,


I need answers,tel me.

ps/: it's a survey,thank u.
These are my firsts. If I tag you, it means I want to know yours. Copy and paste this into your blog'[s], delete my answers, and fill in yours .

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
u care?

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
didnt see her since I went to secondary skool!

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
Hennessy V.S.O.P

4. What was your FIRST job?
Being mom angelic son counted?

5. What was your FIRST car?
Not yet own one,but pretty soon I will.

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
Was it randyxxx? Am not sure bout it... =p

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Me,My self and I. =]

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Mdm Pang Kim Lan. The one teacher that teaches me a lot about being a good person,kinda
miss her,hope you are doing fine teacher.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
Not sure...

10. Who was your FIRST best friend?
I have and has many... but all of them are important that make up and spice my small lil imperfect life.

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
Somebody house? haha...

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
Lil bro.

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
Ma memory didnt work that find to remember those things.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
See the world... =]

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
Gigs counted,but none of it after that.

16. FIRST tattoo?
Like and love to have it,none for now! = (

17. FIRST piercing?
do u care?

18. FIRST foreign country you've gone to?
don't remember...

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
Home Alone. =]

20. When was your FIRST detention?
Am not just some bad kids to be in detention,am superb bad to be out of detention... XD

22. Who was your FIRST roommate?
Mr bro la! swt!

23. If you had one wish, what would it be?
To be truly me.

24. What is something's you would learn if you had the chance?
Drift,Superbike riding [circuit laps],how to be richer! =]

25. Did you marry the FIRST person to ask for you/ you asked to marry?

26. What was the first sport you were involved in?
Ass kicking Taekwon-Do.

27. What were the first lessons you ever took?
There is alot,which 1 do u want?

28. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
Look at ma home,anything unusual?

29. Who do you think will be the next person to post this?
Who cares,after all it's just for fun... =p

What a day...

My day begins at 11am when I woke up from sleep,with the laziness of pretty un-describable,climbing up from the bed is apart of the process. Was toilet-ing and then a bath,with the warm water of cause. I was like,almost 1pm,there is Mr.CFO aka randyxxx to pick me up for movie and there is 5 in the car,which is Randy (d driver),Jia Yi aka shark[haha,sry],Choo liang,Mr Coo aka blur2+emo Ivan and there is m3!. (actually is movie'[s] de! WTF! )

There meet up with the gang that is Andy,victor,S.H.E,koo aka cool,and lastly kenny aka najib! That make 10 of us!

Watched final destination 4!

Rating... is 7 out of 10 starts compare to Transformer and F&F which I personally give 10 upon 10 stars!

The movie is gross,there is people died every-fucking-where! But,it is full off thrill though!
Give it a try then!
haha... XD
(lummie,when wanna watch? haha!)

Had KFC after that,chat away lots and lost!
haha,btw,talked bout some1 daughter,which is not too good,hahahax! =p

Missed blogging,well,m back! lalala~

It' end here...
chiow people!

DC {ceo} CREW

ps/:Lily,dun walk to far with high heel pls! hehehe~