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" I know I'm young,but I'm Ambitious"

" Be Humble as You Will See The Future From The Past"

" Respect the people you see when u struggle to the TOP as you will see them again on the way down"

"Decision is a risk,understand it before making it"

"Life is not about how people observe and judge you,it is about
how you live your life"

"It's not about how we speak,it's how we get the job done"

"If you have a Dream,Dream on and achieve it,but,we can't just had it unless we Dream 1st"from Joan.

"Don't follow your Dream,chase them" by Gimson.

"A photographer is the one who produce a quality photo
as quality photo depends on the man behind the camera"

"Love your self before loving or want to be love by others"

"Photo represent me,the way I feel and the way I deliver my thought about the rotating world"

"When you are climbing the ladder to the top,there are people all over,observing you,
criticized you,but there is ONE Almighty Who will always keep an open eyes on us,pray to the ONE for a sweet success"

"Although forgive and forget our past might be a hard things for us,but sometimes if carry us forward to a better life"

" I saw you,I can feel you,but I can't own you,what should I do"

"Each of moment we glance through is a path and from it we learn and keep on learning and learning,and it shall never end"

" Professional is a etiquette that we get our job done by hook or by crook and in a perfect manner and not as our equipment that meant to reflect us!"

"Life is a FIGHTt,ain't no body gonna fight for it BUT your self!"

"Love the Heart who Love you but never Hate the Heart who Hurt you"

" If you don't try harder,things just don't get better"

"There is Pride deep in us,but let no arrogance across us"

"Respect need to be earn and it is an Honor"

" Nothing is Impossible,Dream of It,Live In It,Just Do It "

" If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. " by Mui mui Amanda

" Photo,a priceless piece of memories."

" I can't Change How the WORLD look,but I can Change How The WORLD look at M3 =o" '30.1.2009'

" Life is a playground of endless possibilities,be optimist! "
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" Everyone is beautiful in their own way,appreciate them "

" Thinking ahead make you forget the past
thinking the past make you appreciate the present "

" We can't shoot two birds in one shot! But We can always make a perfect aim for one " 28_2_2008

"Result will only show it self when we work hard enough to achieve it" 28_05_2009

Dare TO Fail in order TO Achieve something out of ordinary. 28_05_2009

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lucky. =D

been riding these few days,like the usual day,the ride today is more to schedule ride around the track. Like normal rode few round. Everything was fine until m almost at the few hundred meters from home,was ready to cross the road,like usual,change to lighter gear for more speed to cross. Suddenly,the gear snap,and the chain jammed between the cogset and the bicycle frame,damn it,almost,nearly to definitely fall dawn, luckily my reflection is like a cat,the leg just jump out from the bicycle,just about to steady my self,a car nearly bang me,== drove so near~~
didn't catch the car registration no. though. ~~'

Disappointing,kek sim-ing and sibeh Du lan-ing! I get my shit together, fix the chain and I gotta tel you,it doesn't seems easy as 2 and a half years ago. Fixing the chain take me a good few minutes!
Then all seems to be okay,I sat on the bicycle,and took off. Phew,lucky m still alive with no any kind of pain. Thank GOD!

Well,once a rider,always a rider. You'll never stop riding! Just gotta tel y'll though,all rider and cyclist out there,burn rubber not your soul! Happy riding!

God Bless


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

stisfied,for now! =p

guess what, I ride around the course Dad and I agreed on, it's around 5km( + - ) a round. Well,u ride alone,the course just seems far,but I keep u pushing the limit! After around 3 round,m exhausted and tired as hell! So I reached home,open the gate and decide to call it a day,my bro ask for another round! Saying that the distance I ride wasn't enough. Well,m always up to the challenge!

Went to patronas,to pump in the some air into the tire. =p and so we went off,a round to the SK-II into the village and back to the house. My 4th round yeah! Ain't that bad, the enthusiasm is overwhelmed inside me! And just about time,dad is home,and there goes,my ride to The Bear Hill. From Taman Jati,we proceed to MLK Baru,passes by Toast and Toast,saw Aaron San there! hehe! Then a cruise by the river to Bear Hill. Have to stop half way though,my leg kind of cramp. T_T' But it get back on track ASAP! haha. So continue the ride,till back home. Last ride,almost 10km! My accumulated ride for today is around 30km! yeeha! no pain no gain,my arse like burning!

The feel I have now, AWESOME! I want more,longer,further ride! yeah,I can do better! =p

oh ya,almost forget,for ALL 2010 SPM candidate,good luck for your result late! God Bless! =)

God Bless


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Passion.

Hey ya folks out there,been awhile since I saw all of my brothers and my sisters. Well,hope y'all doing great. =)

5 days after my previous post,it takes times to write,ain't it? write ain't the bit of the prob,is the reason behind every entry. m just crapping,bare with me.=p Not so much things that happened that I wanna update today, well,it's 3 month of 2011 now,not much of a progress. M still at home, with tones of ample time to spend,m still the same,just that my contact to the outside world,have been,sort of lost it track these days,all people now have their jobs,things to be done and all sort. Well jobs and all,health is above all,do take care me fellow mates.

How times fly,how passion drop by,y'all know,I had been writing entry about bicycle,yeah,damn straight,bicycle! M now on the catch up phase,riding 10-15km each session now,to get the feel before I join the rest of the crew,for a long distance ride through out our beautiful city,Malacca. But my butt still hurt,the muscle didn't use to get this type of hard work,well,so far not much of exercise I been doing, only on treadmill. Which didn't actually burn the fats I had on. I gotta try harder,ride faster,be better! Now,there is the goal! =)

Now that cycling is part of me,my passion. One of my greatest passion after photography. With my schedule now having pretty much of empty slots,m gonna ride further. Riding is a passion,satisfaction! You ride,push your self to the limit,despite the pain,the leg feel like giving up,the road still long,and you're almost out of air,you just keep pushing,to the limit,until the very end to the destination,all you feel is the satisfaction! Well,nothing is easy at 1st,there is 1st time in everything,and you just gonna do it! =p

My passion,my life is awesome!
I love my LIFE and I love my attitude!

God Bless.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

i DK- W_at T_e F_ck H_ppe_ed!

the fuck,what the damn time is it! I still cant close my eyes and go to sleep,DAMN! The damn insomnia is back again,this time,milk therapy dun work,at all! How the heck m I going go sleep.

My plan to cycle is ruin,damn it! now already 4.14am. I wonder how m I going to wake up later!
F insomnia,F u! argh!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1 week.

After quarantine my self for almost 10 days at home,not much of contact except I spend my friday and saturday doing wedding photoshoot, I actully feel much better. Fever+flu+sore throat,daym,it like sucking your life out of it!

Since I have been indoor so long, m gonna go for a ride on ma dad polygon with my bro with his merida. =p ya know,riding bicycle is a good form of exercise,which I left almost 2 years now,getting back the momentum is a hard work though! But every thing have a 1st time right? (sort of) xD
So going for a morning ride tomorrow. Let y'all know how it feel. I seriously dun want to get ma ass cramp,like few weeks back! Get me a week to set my leg straight! And da ballz,pain terribly, unexplainable!

Let see what happen tomorrow eh! =p

And Guys,pls have your hand together,and pray for JAPAN,and other effected areas,God Bless their SPEEDY RECOVERY.

God Bless.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was working when the News about Japan been hit by 8.9-magnitude earthquake and triggered a massive tsunami along Japan's north-eastern coastline. My God,if there anything that we could do to help,I wish I could. Now only our prayer we can offer them.

God bless Japan,may they revive from the disaster that hit them.


God Bless Japan.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

I need A Doctor

dun worry,m not gonna lost my mind or something,I had been sick for couple of days now,daym,I hate being sick,all you can do is sleep! Fcuk sleep,I actually watch drama after taking my med,aka panadol soluble! If things don't improve by tomorrow,m gonna need to see a doc,real doc.

And all things I hate bout being sick,not that your activity are limited or some shit,those memories come rushing in! How about it eh. Dun wanna say it,not worth mentioning at all. Just take care your self out there fellas.

Wish me,pray for me to recover fast. I need to work on this saturday.

God Bless.


Friday, March 04, 2011

not a good one.

Looked at the title,you'll sure be wondering what is not a good one. Let me tell ya,how I get from just a cup of tea to a *not quite* visit to hospital.

Was yum cha-ing with my fellows juniors at mamak stall. Drink and talk,and drink and talk cock.
Until I kind of lose track of time,then there is a phone call asking for my 'driver of the day' to be home. He went back home,and fetching another buddy of mine to get his car. Of all the time there, I can't just sat there and look at 'angry bird' that whole 20min,I decided to cal Don,hopefully he is at home to come out minum. Call take ages to be answer,yet,he did answer my call,but the line kinda suck though,kind of guessing what he were saying,but one word do poke me back to my fullest attention. And that words is, *come on,guess la!* HOSPITAL. I stun awhile,not like m on drug or something,I was shock,who on earth landed in hospital ?

M still stun,thinking of who might landed in hospital! With no further ado,a face struck my brain. He is brother of Don,Nesh. 4 years ago,he broke both his leg in an road accident,life wasn't easy after that,but his will never stop him from doing his best in life. And just recently,about 2 weeks ago,after long recovering from the broken bones,his bones was put to a test. A box of tools fall down,out of no where and knock his right leg, straight to the broken spot! Now,see him back to the same place 4 years ago,really sank my heart to the bottom. I hope he is doing fine,gonna find time off to visit him tomorrow at the hospital.

Heal Fast me brother!

God Bless.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


who cares what happened,most important is your self.
it doesn't matter people judging you,the only things that matters is your self.
it doesn't matter how you fall,it's how you get back up.

I spend alot of ME time lately,thinking of what m gonna do next. Law school? I don't think very much. Thinking part is way gone long-long time ago,m thinking of Law school way before my PMR.
Now,few month time ahead,m goin to go to Law school. Falling part do get deep inside of me. I stumble during PMR,fall during spm,shock in stpm. Although it's adequate to get me into Law school,the impact of not doing better come over and over again. I tried to prove,but overconfident get me way down low. I though I'll,but too much of slacking,put me back to ZERO. Yet again,I see hope up front,this is it,THE GAME MUST GO ON!

LAW SCHOOL,see ya soon! =p

I once heard,"trying wasn't enough when you keep failing"

I gotta tel ya,"if I'm brave and strong enough to keep trying despite failing,someday I will succeed!

till then,

God Bless.