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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Necessity vs. Luxury

After buying my new wallet,that is not in the wanted list of mine,I'm thinking through and fro of my head about the thing that still didn't being done in the list. While thinking of buying this and that,im seated and thinking,should i just but it or leave it,now that i having the war of 'Necessity vs. Luxury',while trying to be within the range of 'not a fashion outdated' or some say 'expired',we buy,we spend to look good,but does it even bother you if the things u buy is a necessity or just as a symbol of Luxury?

I have lots of thing to buy and it is sort of
necessity more than luxury,
when we buy anythings,we spend our hard earn money on something that is usable,good quality and good out look too.When buying things that is branded like Ralph Lauren,Levi's,Renoma and etc,money does count,but is buying this branded stuff make me looked more luxurious or just another
necessities of human needs?

Someone also once said that I'm quite materialistic,am I? why dun you judge me?
And he say I'm 'kiasu' to... swt! =.='

Why don't you people tell me,buying Branded stuff is consider basic human need,aka
necessities or luxury!



Branson,The Aim High!
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