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" I know I'm young,but I'm Ambitious"

" Be Humble as You Will See The Future From The Past"

" Respect the people you see when u struggle to the TOP as you will see them again on the way down"

"Decision is a risk,understand it before making it"

"Life is not about how people observe and judge you,it is about
how you live your life"

"It's not about how we speak,it's how we get the job done"

"If you have a Dream,Dream on and achieve it,but,we can't just had it unless we Dream 1st"from Joan.

"Don't follow your Dream,chase them" by Gimson.

"A photographer is the one who produce a quality photo
as quality photo depends on the man behind the camera"

"Love your self before loving or want to be love by others"

"Photo represent me,the way I feel and the way I deliver my thought about the rotating world"

"When you are climbing the ladder to the top,there are people all over,observing you,
criticized you,but there is ONE Almighty Who will always keep an open eyes on us,pray to the ONE for a sweet success"

"Although forgive and forget our past might be a hard things for us,but sometimes if carry us forward to a better life"

" I saw you,I can feel you,but I can't own you,what should I do"

"Each of moment we glance through is a path and from it we learn and keep on learning and learning,and it shall never end"

" Professional is a etiquette that we get our job done by hook or by crook and in a perfect manner and not as our equipment that meant to reflect us!"

"Life is a FIGHTt,ain't no body gonna fight for it BUT your self!"

"Love the Heart who Love you but never Hate the Heart who Hurt you"

" If you don't try harder,things just don't get better"

"There is Pride deep in us,but let no arrogance across us"

"Respect need to be earn and it is an Honor"

" Nothing is Impossible,Dream of It,Live In It,Just Do It "

" If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. " by Mui mui Amanda

" Photo,a priceless piece of memories."

" I can't Change How the WORLD look,but I can Change How The WORLD look at M3 =o" '30.1.2009'

" Life is a playground of endless possibilities,be optimist! "
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" Everyone is beautiful in their own way,appreciate them "

" Thinking ahead make you forget the past
thinking the past make you appreciate the present "

" We can't shoot two birds in one shot! But We can always make a perfect aim for one " 28_2_2008

"Result will only show it self when we work hard enough to achieve it" 28_05_2009

Dare TO Fail in order TO Achieve something out of ordinary. 28_05_2009

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What It Likes?

Never crossed my mind,that when it starts,it end,and when it end,it will have a new begin. I always put it in my way,for what ever that end,it's best kept that way. There is no need to look back,look for reason,pointing finger,spread lies,show hates,well that is me!

This time,I'm looking back,real back,to the date 1th Jan 2009. To see how far I had come,how much I had progress,how much more to chase,and others to forget. Back in the day,dated back in 1th day of 2009,I'm busy cheering and saying no to school,seeing my lil brother buying cloths and books for school,remind me,vividly,the moment where I'm studying. There lies the stories of no school moment until the beginning of May,where I chose the path to F6,then,it's school once again. I made my life a routine,wake up,school,back from school,sport,study *which I skipped most of the time* and sleep again. Had been slacking to long to realize that my grade didn't improve and to much chit-chatting does kill my time,as well as my studies! Grade fall,person changed,image ruined,life is like a series of disaster!

Today,I sat by a park,I sat down,thinking deep,real deep,dig out the nonsense,logically thinking and practically still thinking for a solution. My image had been labeled as bad attitude and volcanic type of tamper. I learn to snap photo,make it a profession. It grow me,professionally and more discipline toward my job. That is another world of me when I'm working. It's like Dr Jackle and Mr. Hyde. Two different person,different time and place!

When we say CHANGE,we can believe in it. People say: "nah,it's a easy job,everyone who is anyone can do it,why don't you?" I have another way of thinking about change. I have a gift from GOD in me,that is I can change people from negative to positive,sort of a advise,but all other advise,no mater you are a pro,religious or any other parties,your advise just don't work on me. That is weird,don't you'll think? Well,that is the truth. I can listened hours,days or even years,it just don't work! I just believe in my self,thinking and making a decision that I don't want to regret! For me,regret is just another form of mistake that finally we will live and ignore it,and do it again. Proper planing,strategies and deep thinking fall into me,every time when I'm about to make any decision! Doesn't matter,it's a small decision or big,it's just as important! Make a decision without regret and go on,that's me!

I've a hard time dealing with disappointment,I take me time to look back how silly I'm in those days,not hard for me to move on. Shits happened,take a peep,take a deep breath and move on,don't ever stranded your self with guilt,move on,leave the shits behind! Somehow,you meant a lot more to others than you really think!

My new year resolution,will cover for the next FIVE year! 2010-2015 I put up a dream,and I'm going to chase it,never let a chances passes by and regret it! I'm gonna do it! Believe me,I will! Exaggerate,is not me,I will not yell nor shout,hey,I made this,yo I did that,no,never! What I will made in future,that will be me,the dream I set to achieve! Somebody me! =)

Enough with the crapping,this is it!

every one,have a blessed 2010!

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